niedziela, 28.11.2021

Wędkarstwo muchowe w Bieszczadach


The San represents not only the river, but also the whole region of the south-eastern Poland, with everything that distinguishes it from the rest of the country and makes it truly unique. Each section of the river is just beautiful, different, providing visitors with fascinating experiences. The San’s springs are in Ukraine, near the Ushok Pass. There it starts its run. Getting into Poland, it flows along the border between two states, among the forests of the Bieszczady Mountains-fast, murmuring on numerous rock steps, splashing on stones. How to encompass its multifaceted beauty, unique splendor, mobility, power and wistfulness at the same time? You must just experience it, fall in love in its rushing mountain streams, discover the charm of summer evenings, when the setting sun reflects thousands of colors in its waters, and the moon seems to glide on its gentle waves at night… In the 80s, anglers from around the world discovered and felt deeply attached to this place. One of the proofs is organization of the World Fly Fishing Championships 1985.This recognition has persisted throughout the years. In 2005, the European Fly Fishing Championships took place here. In 2010, the World Championships will be organized here again. We are just lucky to live and fish in this beautiful region cut by the meandering blue ribbon of the San the magic river. Fly fishing is our passion… You are cordially invited to share in our joy.